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Accelerating Life Saving Gene Therapies

Improving The Lives Of Children Living With Rare Disease

Learning from the past to change the future!

At Elpida Therapeutics our main goal is to deliver Gene Therapies to patients in need. We leverage our years of experience along with our strong partners to enable rapid approval and exponential program growth & adaption!

5x Programs 

Our goal is to take 5x programs from proof of concept to approval in time to save the lives of children affected in this generation!

Focus On Children

Our goal is to enable each program to treat as many children as possible in an effort to maximize GT efficacy demonstration

Same Science

Elpida TX will take on the same AAv9 technology programs in an effort to streamline all the processes along the way.

Exponential Growth

Our goal is to start with 5x programs but exponentially grow that as each program shows success and partners approval from various regulators


What Is Gene Therapy


Gene Therapy Approval Path




16501 Ventura Blvd. Suite 400

Encino, CA 91436

Toll-Free: +1-833-3ELPIDA         

        USA: +1-415-725-5245        


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